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Action Points

You get one action point each play session. they do not carry over. (I may grant additional ones in sessions with more encounters than normal, or for good roleplaying and “cool stuff” you do)


Stunned: you are dazed, and any action you take suffers a – 5 penalty

Frightened: Until the effect ends, you cannot use encounter powers, daily powers or utility powers, and you may not move closer to the source of the fear.

Insubstantial: Immediate interrupt when hit with an attack. Roll a d6. 1-3 the attack hits normally. 5-6 the attack misses. (Force and other types of damage may negate this ability)


The enchant item ritual lets you do any of the following (at the appopriate level)

Alter enchantment (level 4, 50 gp per casting)
Change the size or type of a weapon to any other allowed form (i.e. chain mail to plate mail, long sword to axe, etc.). This ritual can also change an item to a different version of the same item (resist fire to resist cold, etc.)

Enchant item (level 4)
Increase the enchantment on an item by +1

new enchantment cost
+1 600 gp (or 2 crystals)
+2 3,000 gp (10 crystals)
+3 15,000 gp (50 crystals)
+4 85,000 gp (250 crytals

Disenchant item (level 4 ritual , 50 gp per casting):
Drains the enchantment from an item, creating mana crystals. Mana crystals can be used in place of gold when enchanting items (a mana crystal replaces 300 gp worth of ritual components)

disenchanted item crystals
+1 1
+2 5
+3 25
+4 125

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