Monsters Rule!

Session 16

Are you sure those dice aren't weighted?

Avoiding the serpent men for now, the party heads for the upper keep.

756F1074-E8FE-41B1-AC65-C27A8435B0CF.jpegA trio of tentacled serpent creatures lair in the old gatehouse. It’s a tough battle but Keth strikes two critical blows, sending them to their graves

As they enter into the courtyard and discuss which building to explore first, an ominous shadow darkens the ground. A dragon flies overhead carrying a wild animal of some sort in It’s claws! It circles and flies into the cave on the cliff behind the keep.

Eager to get indoors and out of sight, the party investigate a ruined building filled with statues and frescoes celebrating long dead heroes. It’s infested with giant spiders, but again Keth makes a couple more critical blows to drive back their venomous foes

(DM checks Keth’s dice for weights)

C65894F0-A015-4415-BA02-9090DDAC0A68.jpegIn the spiders lair, Tor spots.a poorly made wall that hides a stairwell. The cut stairs turn to natural stone. At the bottom is a cavern full of steam geysers guarded by kobolds. Thanks to another couple of critical blows by Keth, the party disposes of them quickly.

Deeper in the caves, they find a lone kobold feeding scraps of meat to two caged dogs. As the dogs start to growl, Tor assumes wolf form and establishes herself as the alpha. The dogs quickly quiet down. The kobold, Speelock, speaks a little common. He begs them to let him live and encourages them to flee before the dragon eats them. They lock him in an empty cage, and ignore his advice.

As they peer around the next corner, they are assaulted by a wave of heat and sulfurous fumes . A vast lava-filled cavern awaits. Narrow bridges, paths and stepping stones provide access to two raised ledges on the opposite side.


A a stones throw away, a pair of kobolds with red tinged scales lean against the rocks by the edge of the lava, seemingly unphased by the heat. They don’t notice the party … yet


name Dailies used surges left
Lusherina Flame sphere, orb of fiery might 0 used ?
Keth lucky charm, aspect of ferocity 4 used
Tor boiling cloud 2 used
Steve false life amulet, ice javelins? ?

current treasure
(Spent 3000 to enchant Lusherina’s armor)
Gold: 956
Jeweled bracelet (250 gp)
Potion of cure moderate wounds (2d8+10 hp)
Total: 1206

Enchant item
Raise dead (scroll)
object reading
limited telepathy
circle of protection



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