Monsters Rule!

Session 4

The Great Pumpkin

(Special Hallloween Episode)

While leaving the haunted forest, the heroes rescue a human woman from ravenous undead. She introduces herself as Lucinda Van Pelt. She is searching the forest for her brother who went mad and wants to resurrect his deranged god “samehain”

She knows he went to a ruined keep once owned by her family, but try as she might she can’t find it. She takes them to the clearing where it should be but it’s empty. They find an enchanted stone that bears runes:


Upon speaking the answer, “music”, several spectral wolves appear and attack.

Speaking the answer to the riddle dispels the misdirection ritual cast on the keep. In the distance they hear faint music. Following the sound of the music, they are able to locate the Van Pelt’s crumbling keep.

Mutilated corpses hang from the outer walls. Open flames light the courtyard with a hellish glow. The party is attacked by skeletons and twig blights, but that’s just the start of it. Lucinda’s brother, Lineus, emerges from the keep and beseeches his god:

Oh Great Pumpkin, it is I, your most loyal follower. Drive these unbelievers from our home!

Vines slither togehter to form an immense golem with a pumpkin for a head, flames for eyes, and a maw of razorsharp teeth!!!

A terrifying battle ensues, and our heroes emerge victorious.



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