Monsters Rule!

Session 20

Underneath Fort Wyvernskull

Amazingly, the guards believed our story and didn’t recognize us from the reward scroll. After a few more lies, and a great deal of Bravado from Joelo, we talked our way past the musclebound ogre and into the basement without bloodshed.

Our trials were only beginning, however. The dwarves had left traps: A pair of lightning glyphs had been inscribed on the floor of the first chamber, and several suits of armor came to life to block our path. To make matters worse, as we fled past the constructs into the next chamber we heard horns and footsteps echoing from the fort above. It seems our ruse had been discovered.

The next chamber held a shrine to the dwarves’ god. As the sound of footsteps drew closer hurriedly searched the room for a way out … and found a secret door! Stairs lead deeper into the mountain, and eventually opened up into a large cavern split by a deep chasm.

Out of the pitch black shadows, several feral , blind humanoid creature rushed at us. But that was not what made my blood turn cold…


Out of the chasm rose something only seen in nightmares. A floating brain adorned with beak and numerous barbed tentacles. It darted forward with astonishing speed, grabbed Tor in its tentacles and tried to drag her back over the edge of chasm to feast! A pitched battle ensued, as we balanced precariously on the edge of a deep chasm and our enemy tried to drive us over the precipe to certain death.

We camped for the night and in the morning descended into the chasm. After two days of winding our way through a labyrinth of tunnels and caves we came across an amazing sight . Ahead of us the cave opened into a massive cavern filled with a forest of mushrooms, some as tall as trees!

Party: Lusherina, Tor, Joelo

Status: fully rested

Current treasure (5416 gp)
Gold: 3806
Amethyst bracelet (250 gp)
2 sapphire necklaces (500 go)
4 pearls (100 gp)

1 Potion of cure moderate wounds
Raise dead scroll (ritual)

new items:
+ 3 vicious axe (+ 3d12 on criticals)
storm shield (resist 5 lightning, thunder; daily: melee attacker takes 2d6 dmg)



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