Welcome to the Elsir Vale Gorisbad!

The Goblin kingdom of Gorisbad was founded when a powerful witch organized the humanoid tribes under the banner of her evil god. She marched on the settlements of man, dwarf and elf, conquering them one by one, and now rules the land with an iron fist. Her soldiers burn, pillage, and kidnap at will. The queen’s magic prowess is unsurpassed. If the tales are true, her sorcery has made her immortal. In the face of that power, no one dare resist her will.

Until now.

Map of the Kingdom


  • find out where prisoners are taken
  • stop the’s queen’s henchman from creating an army of bronze golems
  • recover a lost relic from an abandoned abby
  • Depose the evil queen
  • Stop the giant invastion

Character goals

  • Steve – find your father (a storm giant)
  • Dave – learn who kidnapped you an experimented on you as a child (and why)


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House Rules

Party loot

Monsters Rule!