Seven-pillared hall


Centuries ago, a great and vile minotaur kingdom existed where this small settlement now sits. It eventually fell into civil war and collapsed into ruin.

A hundred years ago, a dwarven mining company established a small colony within a part of the ruins. They thrived, selling the gems and other riches of the deep with the outside world.

5 years ago, the colony came under new leadership, when forces loyal to the queen organized a coup. Shapeshifter agents infiltrated each of the merchant houses. In a single night of terror, they poisoned nearly every member of the ruling merchants. A company of orcs and goblins swooped in and seized power. Day to day leadership was assumed by one of the queens loyal brutes.

The town remains semi-independent, but the queens thugs are always present to enforce her decree if necessary.


300 inhabitants (majority are dwaves and gnomes),
50 red hand soldiers (mostly hobgoblins)

Notable people

Renthic “Retch” Stoneheart

Seven-pillared hall

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