Monsters Rule!

Session 2
Tarrelton, Witchwood
  • the party returns the young man they rescued in Drellin’s Ferry to his family in terrelton. His father thanks with a family heirloom (lucky charm)
  • they witness 8 yr old boy (Tam) stealing food from tavern. He is caught by a guard, taken out back and beaten badly
  • they head off for the witchwood, where they encounter skeletons, and zombies.
  • ghostly spirits approach the camp at night, and lead the party to a remote cabin
  • a witch lives in the cabin. she tells them that she is not responsible for the undead – she’s keeping them trapped in the woods. an evil spirit inhabits a tomb deep in the forest. it’s creating all the undead
  • the find the tomb and are attacked by skeletons just outside the entrance
Sesssion 1
Drellins's Ferry

A goblin slave patrol rolled into town. Fed up with living under oppression, our heroes band together to wipe out the patrol and set their prisoners free. In the process they learn that the goblins have an agenda. Healthy male slaves are taken into the swamp, and slaves with magical talent are taken into the capital city.

One of the freed slaves (a teenage boy) is from the neighboring town of Terrelton, so they set out to bring him home.


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