Monsters Rule!

Sesssion 7
Shadow Rift
  • spoke with rescued prisoners. all three had connections to a dwarven colony mining called the seven-pillared hall. Two were miners from there, and the other (a dwarf nickname “Retch” had an uncle from there that was kidnapped by hobgoblins. Retch got captured while looking for his uncle.
  • descending into the shaft, the emerge into a terrifying scene. – a vast temple to Orcus, demon lord of the undead. A necromancer is performing a ritual in front of a shadowy gate of blackness., guarded by his undead minions. an epic battle follows, and they succeed in closing the gate.
  • after the battle, they find a letter on the minotaur zombie and they decide to escort the freed prisoners back to their home.
  • en route they hear screams from a side cavern. They rescue a confused elf woman from a nest of giant hungry insects. She doesn’t remember how she got here, or anything about her life – only nightmarish glimpses of her capitivy – an underground lake, evil dark skinned dwarves, and golden minotaur statues
  • A short while later they reach the mining colony,

  • +2 resounding maul, +2 plate mail of durability, +1 shimmering armor
  • 981 gp, 300 gold in jeweled religious items, ,
  • ritual scroll: raise dead
Level up! (4th)
Session 6
Ruins of Rhest
  • Finshed clearning crumbling watchtower of goblin guards
  • Interrogated the leader of guards and learned that the evil queen is not content to just rule the valley. She is building an undefeatable army to expand her kingdom. One of her lieutenants is up to something “big” in the ruined temple
  • Crossed the half submerged ruins and defeated multiple lizard men and a goblin archer riding a warwing drake!
  • Entered the temple. Slaves have excavated sections of the floor to reveal the entrance to a hidden chamber below. Defeated the goblin and drake guards.


2 healing potions
+1 frost axe (Keth)
+1 flameburst bow (Glorfindel)
scroll: enchant item (ritual)
220 gold

Resources used

who daily powers used surges left (max)
Dave flaming sphere 6 (8)
Chris G (Tor) form of mountain thunder 6 (11)
Chris C (Keth) frost axe paldin’s judgement 5 (10)
Sergei (Glorfindel)
Session 5
Into the Blackfens
  • ambushed by lizard men and spiders
  • interrupt an elven bounty and her prisoner, who turns out to be a disguise hag and her prey
    • rescued halfling (Milo Bolger) is a native to the swam and offers to guide them to the ruins
  • crumbling watchtower on the edge of a clearing surrounding the ruins. Party makes short work of the goblin guard and races into the tower to stop the rest from raising the alarm
Session 4
The Great Pumpkin

(Special Hallloween Episode)

While leaving the haunted forest, the heroes rescue a human woman from ravenous undead. She introduces herself as Lucinda Van Pelt. She is searching the forest for her brother who went mad and wants to resurrect his deranged god “samehain”

She knows he went to a ruined keep once owned by her family, but try as she might she can’t find it. She takes them to the clearing where it should be but it’s empty. They find an enchanted stone that bears runes:


Upon speaking the answer, “music”, several spectral wolves appear and attack.

Speaking the answer to the riddle dispels the misdirection ritual cast on the keep. In the distance they hear faint music. Following the sound of the music, they are able to locate the Van Pelt’s crumbling keep.

Mutilated corpses hang from the outer walls. Open flames light the courtyard with a hellish glow. The party is attacked by skeletons and twig blights, but that’s just the start of it. Lucinda’s brother, Lineus, emerges from the keep and beseeches his god:

Oh Great Pumpkin, it is I, your most loyal follower. Drive these unbelievers from our home!

Vines slither togehter to form an immense golem with a pumpkin for a head, flames for eyes, and a maw of razorsharp teeth!!!

A terrifying battle ensues, and our heroes emerge victorious.

Session 3
  • entered the crypt and were attacked by constructs and a magic statue wielding a massive flail!
  • the burial chamber was inhabited by the spectre of an elven noble. He accused the party of being in league with “that treacherous witch who slaughtered innocent women and children”. Clearly mad, he attacked them and had to be slain.

treasure: 425 gold, jewled crown, 2 healing potions, an orb of fiery condemnation,d a dragonslaying sword boots of free movement and a scroll: enchant item (ritual)

Session 2
Tarrelton, Witchwood
  • the party returns the young man they rescued in Drellin’s Ferry to his family in terrelton. His father thanks with a family heirloom (lucky charm)
  • they witness 8 yr old boy (Tam) stealing food from tavern. He is caught by a guard, taken out back and beaten badly
  • they head off for the witchwood, where they encounter skeletons, and zombies.
  • ghostly spirits approach the camp at night, and lead the party to a remote cabin
  • a witch lives in the cabin. she tells them that she is not responsible for the undead – she’s keeping them trapped in the woods. an evil spirit inhabits a tomb deep in the forest. it’s creating all the undead
  • the find the tomb and are attacked by skeletons just outside the entrance
Sesssion 1
Drellins's Ferry

A goblin slave patrol rolled into town. Fed up with living under oppression, our heroes band together to wipe out the patrol and set their prisoners free. In the process they learn that the goblins have an agenda. Healthy male slaves are taken into the swamp, and slaves with magical talent are taken into the capital city.

One of the freed slaves (a teenage boy) is from the neighboring town of Terrelton, so they set out to bring him home.


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