Monsters Rule!

Session 28

We chased skalmad, the troll general into the underground river. The river took us outside, where we followed his tracks down the road. We followed the tracks for several hours, but eventually lost sight of them.

frost_giant.jpg Forgetting about Skalmad for the time being, we moved on to the next location on the giant’s map: the ice spires. A long cave lead us into an icy valley surrounded by mountains. Enchanted ice storms blast the valley, obscuring visibility and driving cold deep into your bones. A pair of frost giants guarded the entrance, but we easily defeated them.

Through the snowstorm, we could just barely make out firelight coming from a cave. Inside the cave, we encountered an orc who was mortally wounded while fighting a party of humans outside the entrance to the valley. In return for healing him, he shared what he knew about the valley before leaving:

  • the giant chief lives with about a dozen other giants in a cave not far from where the orc was holed up
  • an ice elemental wizard lives in a tower of pure ice on the other side of the valley
  • at the far end of the valley is a tomb. they are keeping some important prisoner locked up in the tomb
  • a dragon lives in the highest peak. the giants and dragon are rivals.
  • more orcs and winter wolves patrol the valley for the giants

frost_giant_battle_2.jpg We were uncomfortable leaving an armed camp of giants behind us while we trekked to the far end of the valley, so we decided to raid the giant chief’s cave before moving on. Inside the cave, we fought several more giants, ice hounds. They were quickly reinforced by ogres and hell hounds, turning it into a prolonged battle.

Session 27

The party camps for the night with the escaped prisoners. Lusherina has a nightmare about Talsoriel calling out for help, a menacing figure just out of sight behind her.

While breaking camp, we hear something approach. An Ettin has returned from scouting. Were able to convince on of the heads to reveal information in exchange for letting it escape. ettin.jpg

  • the giants have no choice. their new king, Soregash, wears a magic crown that compels them to obey.
  • Skalmad, one of their generals is hiding out at the troll warrens, after being gravely wounded.
  • the giants are keeping important prisoners at the ice spires, an ancient burial site
  • their new king has taken over Stormcaller’s keep, the capital of the giant kingdom

After minimal discussion, we decide to check out the troll warrens. The entrance is guarded by a fear-inducing totem of skulls. Lusherina and Tor fall prey to it’s enchantment and must draw from deep reserves of will power to push past the entrance.

A troll and two bears stand watch inside the entrance, but they are no match for us.

Further in, we cross a river, and come to a room with several large cages suspended from the ceiling. We free an elven maiden from one cage and she warns us about the trolls in the next room. After escorting her across the river, we stage an ambush outside the door to the troll’s chamber.

We lure one troll out to his doom, then push inside. There we find Skalmad, an enormous war troll. He is not wounded as we were lead to believe. trolll_king.jpg. During the fight, the elf maiden we “rescued” comes rushing towards us, shedding her illusion and revealing her true form – hideous hag with vicious claws. We proceed to fight for our lives, using all of our best abilities, and eventually killing the enemy. Skalmad is forced to flee and dives into the fast moving underground river.

(Do you follow him?)

Party status

player surges left dailies left
dave 3 invisibility
steve 6 life ending strike
chris 7 vengeful storm
Thomas all beacon of hope, mass cure light, cure serious

current loot

Session 26
Mines outside Red Rock

On our way back to Redrock we came across a dead giant, and several human sized tracks leading away from the road. We followed the tracks to a farmstead that that had recently been attacked. Glorfindel crept stealthily up to the barn to take a closer look, and that’s when the bounty hunters looking to collect on the price our heads sprung the ambush. They should have brought more men.


We rested at the farm and then made our way to the mines outside Redrock (where we guessed the giants had taken their captives). Glorfindel once again scouted the entrance, and attracted the attention of one of the stone giants guarding the cave. We lured him and his partner out one by one and finished them quickly.

About half the captives were mining inside the cave, and we sent them back to town. The rest of them had been taken deeper into the mine. In the next room we found 2 sleeping dire wolves. Glorfindel woke with well-placed arrows, and when they chased him to the next room the rest of the party dispatched of them quickly, but their howls echoed throughout the caves.

lamia.jpgIn the last room we found the rest of the hostages – covered in lamp oil and being used by a human shield for the giant’s leader. She would have been a very attractive elf, had it not been for the insects crawling over various parts of her body. Her green eyes glowed as she called out.

“Throw down your arms, and you will live. Choose otherwise and we will gnaw the flesh from your bones around our fire tonight.”

But we never listen. At the end of the battle, 2 giants, 4 orcs and their strange leader lay dead at our feet. Spread across the table were notes on their raiding parties, and a map of the north that identified a handful of their strongholds deeper in the mountains

The notes also reveal the giants have a spy named Lott who has infiltrated the queen’s servants. He carries a sending stone that he has been using to inform the giant’s about the Red Hand’s defenses.

Current treasure (23,906 gp)
Gold: 13,606
8 pearls (100 gp)
2 sapphires (250 gp)
6 emeralds (500 gp ea)
jewelled necklace (1500 gp)
+2 holy symbol (1500 gp)
+2 chain mail of fire resistance (1500 gp)
+2 amulet of health (1,500)
Raise dead scroll (ritual)
1 cure moderate wounds potion (heals 2d8 + 10 hp)

new item: stone of earth

Session 25

commoner.jpg We awoke to our first sunrise in many weeks, and set out on horseback for the mining town of Redrock, 160 miles to the north. Along the way, we encountered a suspicious villager who tried turn us into the local constable, an indifferent patrol of red hand soldiers, and a refugee fleeing redrock with her two children after giants had killed the woman’s husband. Joelo gave the poor woman 50 gp to help restart her life in Brindol. In return, she told us we could stay in the family’s shop in Redrock. She had no use for it anymore

Arriving in Redrock, we witnessed the aftermath of a brutal battle: Smashed and burned buildings, and a recently dug mass grave. Near the edge of town, we also found a strange circle of ashy dirt and dead vegetation. It appeared to be the aftermath of some sort of spell casting, but nothing any of us recognized.

A group of citizens was gathered around a speaker in the village center. The man loudly blamed the god Pelor for abandoning the town, and punishing the people for their sins by sending giants to kidnap their loved ones. Unable to standly idly by, Joelo defended his diety, countering that his god had sent the party to help. His oratory skills won the day, and raised the spirits of the villagers despite the destruction around them.

The villagers explained that the giants had attacked with no warning. After subduing the village, they split into three groups. One group headed southeast, another to the west, and a third group took half a dozen villagers as captives and went north, presumably to the nearby salt mines.

Not wanting to take on a fortified mine without the rest of our party, Joelo, Lusherina, and Keth tracked the group headed southwest. We caught up with the giants as they were camped in the forest outside the town of Elsircross. Circling around them, we continued on and warned the town of the impending attack. The obese goblin constable ordered us to defend a portion of the town, while the red hand soldiers defended the rest and the former mayor evacuated the town residents.

Hill_giant.jpgWhen the attack came, the main force of giants rushed the town center where the red hand soldiers waited. A smaller group circled around to try and flank the defenders, but we were waiting for them, and stopped them in their tracks. Keth attempted to negotiate with the giants, appealing that we had a common enemy in the queen. It was no use however. Whoever their new leader is, his only goal seems to be destruction of the valley and enslavement of the people.

The giants were carrying:

  • 3300 gold
  • 2 emeralds (500 gp ea)
  • +3 cloak of elvenkind (Lusherina took this, and gave Joelo her brooch of shielding)

Current treasure (21,606 gp)
Gold: 12,806
8 pearls (100 gp)
2 sapphires (250 gp)
6 emeralds (500 gp ea)
+2 holy symbol (1500 gp)
+2 chain mail of fire resistance (1500 gp)
+2 amulet of health (1,500)
Raise dead scroll (ritual)
1 cure moderate potions

Session 24
Lava caves

Fleeing the duergar town, he party adopted an escaped goblin slave, Pogg. With his help they outran a duegar patrol …


…. fought their way past lava creatures…


… and a guard post full of duergar soldiers.


For the first time too many night, the group camped under an open sky. In the morning they walked to a roadside inn to enjoy a hot breakfast and hot bath before leaving to investigate rumors of a giant attack in the village of Redrock

Current treasure (15,806 gp)
Gold: 9,506
8 pearls (100 gp)
2 sapphires (250 gp)
4 emeralds (500 gp ea)
+2 holy symbol (1500 gp)
+2 chain mail of fire resistance (1500 gp)
Raise dead scroll (ritual)
1 cure moderate potions

new items
Horned helm

Session 23
Duergar Outpost

In the morning we boarded the raft and set out onto the dark sea, keeping the raft within sight of the cavern wall. We soon found the short cut Ogguk had told us about. A shallow stream meandered through the cave, sometimes taking up the width of the cave and forcing us to wade in ankle deep water. At other times, the cave would widen out allowing us to walk beside the stream.

roper.jpg It was in one of these wider caves that the attack came. The roper ambushed us, drawing Tor and Keth in with it’s tentacles, while the giant rats that subsisted on it’s leftovers attacked the rest of us. It drew Keth into it’s vicious maw and tore great chunks of his flesh off (60 hp damage!) before finally falling to our blades.

After many long and perilous days, we had reached our destination: the deurgar settlement of Gracklstugh.

Here we would find the duergar who supplied the queen with cloakers, and hopefully learn something that would be useful to defeat her. There was only one problem. While the outer market and slums were open to non-duergar, the interior of the walled town was forbidden to outsiders. Without proper papers, no non-duergar were allowed inside. .

As we stood pondering ways to get inside the walls, a minotaur slave passed us, taking special interest in Keth’s sword. We followed him to a tavern in the slum district. A few rounds of cheap ale, later he told us two things:

  • his grandmother told him tales of the blade “flame’s champion”. He hoped this was not the same blade because legend tells that flame’s champion kept horrors from beyond from crossing over into this world.
  • We described the crest we were looking for, and he told us to go see the bartender in the Grinning Gargoyle near the market.

7A7CEAEF-757A-4C06-A0E9-3DA7AAB3121C.jpegThe bartender at the Grinning Gargoyle, a gregarious tiefling named Lucius, was no fan of the Duergar, but he made a good living selling his ale to them. In fact, the hammerfist clan was particularly fond of his brew, and he delivered several casks to them every other day. In exchange for the eggs we found buried at the fishmen’s temple (which he believed to be basilisk eggs), he would let us deliver today’s shipment, allowing us access inside the wall.

Once inside the walls, it was an easy matter to find the hammerfist compound, and bluff our way in. Inside the main house, we found the eldest Hammerfist alone, checking on his “merchandise”. Before we could ask him anything, he ran for the exit, calling for his guards and releasing the creatures from their pens to cover his escape

Freed from captivity, the beasts angrily attacked anything in their path. The Duergar merchant almost escaped, but Lusherina’s magic missile struck true, incapacitating him just as he stepped through the door.

After dispatching his “pets”, we interrogated him. In exchange for his life, he gladly revealed that the queen has a weakness.

The queens power, youth and unnaturally long life are stolen. She possesses an item of dark nexromantic power.that drains their life energy. Even if you kill her it will bring her back. You have destroy it if you want to kill her

Current treasure (9,606 gp)
Gold: 6,306
8 pearls (100 gp)
2 sapphires (250 gp)
4 emeralds (500 gp ea)
Raise dead scroll (ritual)
1 cure moderate potions
+2 holy symbol

new items
+3 black iron plate armor

Session 22
Lake of Shadows

Camping among the mushroom people, we all shared the same disturbing dream – visions of spires made of crystal and alien humanoids with purple skin and tentacles in place of mouths.

As we broke camp and prepare to leave concern, we suddenly felt fear spreads among mushroom people. A goblin and a pair of ogres approached. One ogre held an axe to the throat of a mushroom. “we would have a word with you”

8351B396-2F42-4B1E-9400-86F52098FD68.jpeg The goblin approached and drank a potion. His eyes became pure black, and wen he spoke, instead of his voice we heard the disembodied voice of the queen.

”Your interference is irksome – but we do not need to be enemies. I will make you generals in my army. Together we can conquer an empire. Instead of pain and death, you can have wealth and power”.

When we refused, she became angry.

”Do not underestimate me! I have lived for centuries, ruled dozens of kingdoms, and slain countless enemies. Cross me and suffer the same fate!”

After the queen’s presence faded, the messengers thought they would leave. They were mistaken.

After a short battle, we continued our journey deeper into the earth, finally arriving at the shore of a huge underground lake.


There we encountered Oggun, the giant. At first Oggun threatened us, thinking we would drive him from his new home. After we won his trust, he told us he had fled here to escape the new giant chief.

”new chief bad. He take old chief prisoner, make war with little people. Tell us he will Kill queen, and use little people as slaves”

8AD35E4D-BA06-4457-BB33-7059D3AC712A.jpeg He also warned us about the hazards of the Lake. A tribe of fish men erected a temple to their evil god a few hundred yards off the shore. They summon a “demon made of water” that capsizes boats and drags the victims to the temple to be sacrificed

Undeterred, we borrowed a raft from Oggun, and Lusherina inscribed it with a magic circle to ward off elementals. Although we could feel the hostile energy surrounding the boat as we rowed out to the island, it could not harm us and we reached the island with safely.

I wish I could say the same about the temple. As soon as we entered, we were attacked by the fish-men. It took ounce of strength we had (and all our cool new powers) not to become the next sacrifice to their foul god.

Current treasure (5406 gp)
Gold: 2506
4 pearls (100 gp)
2 sapphires (250 gp)
4 emeralds (500 gp ea)
Raise dead scroll (ritual)
1 cure moderate potions (bones)
+2 holy symbol
3 strange eggs

new items
+3 symbol of victory
+3 mana crystal (used on Lusherina’s staff)

Session 21
Mushroom Forest

A forest of giant mushrooms filled the cavern ahead. It was eerily beautiful


Beautiful but also dangerous. The moment we set foot inside we almost became prey for some of its inhabitants (an ooze, a shambling mounds and giant centipedes)

As we made our way towards The enormous 80’ high mushroom in the center of the cavern, we were surrounded by sentient mushrooms – myconids


These peaceful creatures were in a grave state. After considerable difficulty trying to communicate with them we learned that a lich had made its lair in a giant stalactite in the center of the cavern. Necromantic energy from its experiments was killing the myconids spores, making them sick.

A2FC9F42-CFC0-48AF-9788-AE09010DBC5D.jpeg So up into the stalactite we went. Lusherina used an arcane ritual to snake a rope and grappling hook 50’ up into the opening. Once we were inside the stalactite we encountered the the lich and its wraith slpider pets. The lich nearly killed several of my companions before Keth put it down with a critical hit. We destroyed its evil experiments, ending the threat to the myconids below.

Tonight we camp among the grateful mushroom people. They are so alien, I would be lying to say I am not a bit nervous

Party: Lusherina, Tor, Joelo, Steve, Keth

Status: fully rested

Current treasure (2,306 gp)
Gold: 1406
4 pearls (100 gp)
2 sapphires (250 gp)
Raise dead scroll (ritual)

new items:
ring of lesser feather fall
+3 amulet of protection

Session 20
Underneath Fort Wyvernskull

Amazingly, the guards believed our story and didn’t recognize us from the reward scroll. After a few more lies, and a great deal of Bravado from Joelo, we talked our way past the musclebound ogre and into the basement without bloodshed.

Our trials were only beginning, however. The dwarves had left traps: A pair of lightning glyphs had been inscribed on the floor of the first chamber, and several suits of armor came to life to block our path. To make matters worse, as we fled past the constructs into the next chamber we heard horns and footsteps echoing from the fort above. It seems our ruse had been discovered.

The next chamber held a shrine to the dwarves’ god. As the sound of footsteps drew closer hurriedly searched the room for a way out … and found a secret door! Stairs lead deeper into the mountain, and eventually opened up into a large cavern split by a deep chasm.

Out of the pitch black shadows, several feral , blind humanoid creature rushed at us. But that was not what made my blood turn cold…


Out of the chasm rose something only seen in nightmares. A floating brain adorned with beak and numerous barbed tentacles. It darted forward with astonishing speed, grabbed Tor in its tentacles and tried to drag her back over the edge of chasm to feast! A pitched battle ensued, as we balanced precariously on the edge of a deep chasm and our enemy tried to drive us over the precipe to certain death.

We camped for the night and in the morning descended into the chasm. After two days of winding our way through a labyrinth of tunnels and caves we came across an amazing sight . Ahead of us the cave opened into a massive cavern filled with a forest of mushrooms, some as tall as trees!

Party: Lusherina, Tor, Joelo

Status: fully rested

Current treasure (5416 gp)
Gold: 3806
Amethyst bracelet (250 gp)
2 sapphire necklaces (500 go)
4 pearls (100 gp)

1 Potion of cure moderate wounds
Raise dead scroll (ritual)

new items:
+ 3 vicious axe (+ 3d12 on criticals)
storm shield (resist 5 lightning, thunder; daily: melee attacker takes 2d6 dmg)

Session 19
Out of the thornwaste

The dragon followed from a safe distance as we made our way out of the thorn wastes. Still wounded from our fight, he was waiting for us to get into open ground where he could easily strake us with fiery breath. But dragons are cunning, and it had also convinced a band of greedy bird men (and their giant scorpion!) to ambush us in case we stayed in the cover of the canyons. The fight with the bird men was brutal, and Keth was incapacitated before we finished them off.

Somehow, I doubt we have seen the last of that dragon.

Our next destination is some place called the underdark. A world beneath ours, the underdark is entire subterranean civilization built in giant caverns deep underground. There we hope to find a band of duergar who breed exotic creatures. They must know what the queen is using the cloakers for and maybe they know something that will lead to a weakness.

Lusherina remembered reading about a supposed entrance to the underdark: a deep crevasse in the bottom of a dwarven fort that was now occupied by red hand goblins. We made our way to the front gate and bribed / bluffed our way inside.


We were slowly walking down the central courtyard under the watchful eye of archers above when we noticed it. A simple piece of parchment nailed to the second set of gates.

WANTED: for treason against the queen. 2000 gp reward
* human warrior, possibly a werewolf
* half-orc knight
* elven sorceress, red hair
* barbarian shaman
* wood elf, archer
* Halfling charlatan (pretending to be a priest of a false god)

Our blood ran cold. Did they know? Were they only luring us into a better ambush spot?

Party: Lusherina, Tor, Keth, Steve

Status: fully rested

Current treasure (4316 gp)
Gold: 2706
Amethyst bracelet (250 gp)
2 sapphire necklaces (500 go)
4 pearls (100 gp)

1 Potion of cure moderate wounds
Raise dead scroll (ritual)


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