Monsters Rule!

Session 14


After leaving the mountains, the party came across an inn where they purchased food, ale, and a good night rest. The barkeep and minstrel also provided them with valuable information about their destination: the thornwastes. Legend tells that centuries ago, a minotaur warlord tried to conquer the wastelands. Unfortunately, the spirits of the land did not take kindly to his scorched earth policy of conquering the natives and ended his reign in a rain of fiery meteors.

The next day, our heroes began searching the wastes for the ruined tower. The very terrain radiated primal energy, and Tor was able to follow the energy to it’s source. Along the way they encountered several of the wastelands more formidable beasts: a giant scorpion, and a pack of hungry sand drakes.

The source of the primal energies was an ancient ring of standing stones carved in the likeness of human faces. Whispered voices challenged their right to retrieve the weapon of light, but ultimately were convinced of their worthiness and guided them towards the ruined Minotaur keep.

On the journey to the tower, the party encountered a pair of thunderhawks hunting for prey. After killing one and scaring the other off, they traversed a narrow path up the side of a cliff. At the top of the cliff they spotted a ruined structure surrounded by half buried stones – the ruins of the warlord’s tower!

They rested the night and set off for the ruins in the morning.

current treasure
gold: 656
Jeweled crown 50 gp
2 gem studded collars (50 gp ea)
18 topaz (50 gp ea)
2 rubies (100 go ea)
Necklace 100 gp
Total: 1706

Enchant item
Raise dead (scroll)
object reading
limited telepathy
circle of protection


Tor nearly rode that Thunderhawk! Great move!

Session 14

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