Monsters Rule!

Sesssion 7

Shadow Rift

  • spoke with rescued prisoners. all three had connections to a dwarven colony mining called the seven-pillared hall. Two were miners from there, and the other (a dwarf nickname “Retch” had an uncle from there that was kidnapped by hobgoblins. Retch got captured while looking for his uncle.
  • descending into the shaft, the emerge into a terrifying scene. – a vast temple to Orcus, demon lord of the undead. A necromancer is performing a ritual in front of a shadowy gate of blackness., guarded by his undead minions. an epic battle follows, and they succeed in closing the gate.
  • after the battle, they find a letter on the minotaur zombie and they decide to escort the freed prisoners back to their home.
  • en route they hear screams from a side cavern. They rescue a confused elf woman from a nest of giant hungry insects. She doesn’t remember how she got here, or anything about her life – only nightmarish glimpses of her capitivy – an underground lake, evil dark skinned dwarves, and golden minotaur statues
  • A short while later they reach the mining colony,

  • +2 resounding maul, +2 plate mail of durability, +1 shimmering armor
  • 981 gp, 300 gold in jeweled religious items, ,
  • ritual scroll: raise dead
Level up! (4th)



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