Monsters Rule!

Session 8

Thunderspire Mountan, bloodreaver hideout

The party arrives at the mining outpost with the following unresolved business:

  • Retch needs help finding his missing uncle (while he was away at training, his aunt sent word about his uncle)
  • an escaped slave they rescued with no memories except evil dwarves, and golden statues, and an underground lake
  • a cryptic note about lost secrets at some place called the proving grounds

The town has a bar, an inn (with bar), a temple, a jail/guard hall, and a trading post. Five or six adjacent caverns each hold a dozen or so houses made of stone block, but no merchants

The party decides to stay at Retch’s uncle’s house but when they arrive, the place is being ransacked by a half-orc wizard named Kurzag and several hobgoblin guards. They exchange words, but the orc leaves before it escalates.

Asking around town, they uncover several interesting facts

  • the duergar trading post discretely deals in slave trading
  • a one-legged kobold beggar says he can lead them to the duergar hideout for a small price (1 gold)
  • Brugg, the ogre is the official red hand leader in town, but Kurzag arrive recently with his rentinue of loyal guards, the Bloodreavers.
  • there is a minotaur by the name of Tarlann who frequently hangs out at the tavern. He is an explorer and guide
  • they meet a rebellious dragonborn local who hates the hobgoblins and wants to drive them out of town. She’s been following the bloodreavers and knows where there hideout is. She offers to lead the party there.

Eventually, they decide to follow Surina to the Bloodreavers.

  • the entrance cave is guarded by a goblin and his trained dire rats
  • they sneek in through a balcony door, quickly disable two bugbears and interrogate one about the rest of the hideout
  • they fight several of the remaining goblins, their leader and a dire wolf in tight quarters. The leader flees.
  • Retch’s uncle and two other prisoners are shackled to the wall

Just as the last goblin guard falls, their leader returns from another part of the hideout with reinforcements …



35 gold

Resources used
who daily powers used surges used
Dave none -
Chris G (Tor) form of mountain thunder (10 left)
Chris C (Keth) 1 lay on hands 3
Steve None 3



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