Monsters Rule!

Session 6

Ruins of Rhest

  • Finshed clearning crumbling watchtower of goblin guards
  • Interrogated the leader of guards and learned that the evil queen is not content to just rule the valley. She is building an undefeatable army to expand her kingdom. One of her lieutenants is up to something “big” in the ruined temple
  • Crossed the half submerged ruins and defeated multiple lizard men and a goblin archer riding a warwing drake!
  • Entered the temple. Slaves have excavated sections of the floor to reveal the entrance to a hidden chamber below. Defeated the goblin and drake guards.


2 healing potions
+1 frost axe (Keth)
+1 flameburst bow (Glorfindel)
scroll: enchant item (ritual)
220 gold

Resources used

who daily powers used surges left (max)
Dave flaming sphere 6 (8)
Chris G (Tor) form of mountain thunder 6 (11)
Chris C (Keth) frost axe paldin’s judgement 5 (10)
Sergei (Glorfindel)



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