Monsters Rule!

Session 18

The vault

  • battled a beholder, and recovered the sword (flames champion)


  • EPIC battle with the dragon and it’s minions. Tor rode the dragon and lept a 30’ over a pit of lava !!! Sadly, the dragon escaped …

Current treasure (3956 gp)
Gold: 2306
Amethyst bracelet (250 gp)
2 sapphire necklaces (500 go)
4 pearls (100 gp)

2 Potion of cure moderate wounds (2d8+10 hp)
Raise dead scroll (ritual)

Enchant item ritual
object reading ritual
limited telepathy ritual
circle of protection ritual


name Dailies used surges left
Lusherina All all
Keth all 10
Tor all 10
Steve all 5
Joelo all but spirit weapon and divine vigor 9



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