Monsters Rule!

Session 11

Proving Grounds

Here ’s what the party has learned so far

  • Kurzag’s minions held Valdar Stoneheart (a scholar on Minotaur ruins) captive for months. They seemed particular interested in tales of ancient golems, and a shrine called the proving grounds
  • His captors paid duergar miners to unearth a sealed door (They also recovered a map to the door)
  • The duergar also sold slaves to (dark creepers) beyond the door, and another group is scheduled for delivery in 5 days.

After resting for the night, the party is ambushed by several dark creepers and a bronze golem in the form of a Minotaur. They recover amulet the leader used to control the golem and discover that the golems must be infused with the life force stolen from another being. Now they know why kurzag is buying slaves!

Lacking other ideas, the party heads some ruins known as the proving grounds, where they overcome a number of obstacles

  • The entry chamber has become home to a pair of cavern chokers and a grell feeding of those foolish enough to explore the ruins. One of the items they need (the bell) is hidden in a hollow pillar.
  • The sword they need rests on the far side of the enormous room filled wasit deep with blood. A walkway and two large statues of flail wielding minitaurs also sit on platforms above the surface.
    • The statues are traps that swing barbed flails, striking anything in the room
    • the blood is poisonous to the touch
    • a pair of demons were hiding beneath the surface of the blood

After surviving all that and retrieving the sword, the party barricaded the doors and rested for the night.

55 gp (from dark creepers)



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