Monsters Rule!

Session 12

Proving Grounds

The party continues searching a long abandoned shrine to a Minotaur god in hopes of finding out why Kurzag was so interested in the place.

They find a room filled with large flaming braziers, a magic circle, and an altar. The book they need is sitting on the altar, but protected by a orb of force. Each round, a rage demon is summoned through one of the braziers. Eventually they figure out to use the magic circle to deactivate the braziers and orb, claiming the book.

The next room contains a vast, mist-filled chasm punctuated by floating islands of rock. The final item (the mask) rests on the ledge on the far side. While they party debates what to do, Tor leaps from island to island, crossing the chasm and claiming the mask. As soon as she does so, flying spined demons rise from the mist and attack!

Having claimed all four items, the party moves on to a chamber that has four magic circles inscribed on the floor. They place each of the four items in one of the circles. The items disappear – replaced by the ghosts of dead minotaur warriors and a skeletal dragon! The front line characters take quite a beating (especially Steve the Barbarian), but ultimately prevail.

As the monster falls a secret door opens revealing an antechamber and another ghostly minotaur …

Resources used

player daily powers used surges remaining
Sergei stalker’s mist; excruciating shot
Steve ice javelin;
Dave flaming sphere, web, orb
Chris G mountain form, blood mist
Chris C. paladin’s judgement; ice axe;

none :-(



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