Monsters Rule!

Session 9

Bloodreaver hideout, duergar keep

Our heroes engage in an bloody battle with the remaining goblinoids. They emerge victorious, but not before Lusherina was incapacitated by vicious blow from the leader and has to be saved by Keth.

They free the captives: Valdar and two human explorers. Valdar tells them that he has been captive for over two months. They kidnapped him from his home, and stole several of his notes. While he’s been here he was interrogated about the location of some minotaur ruins known as “the proving grounds”, and the history of the bronze warders – indestructable living statues created by the ancient minotaurs to safeguard their halls. Valdar believes the warders are just legend.

Hidden under a loose stone in the leaders chambers, the party finds a chest full of gold, and a handwritten note: “When the duergar have finished their digging, deliver the gold to them. Not before – Kurzag”.

They also find Valdar’s notes on a secret cult of death that ended up causing a civil war amont the minotaurs.

The heroes send the rescued prisoners back to the temple with Surina , then briefly consider exploring the proving grounds, but quickly decide to raid the duergar hold. The hold consists of three tall stone towers, connected by two stone bridges spanning a deep chasm. Inside the hold they encounter

  • 2 duergars and their orc servants. To their surprise, one of the duergar turns invisible, the other used forge magic (ignite metal, weapon storm, etc.)
  • A duergar champion that grew to enormous size when wounded.

1050 gold
+2 chain mail of fire reststance
+1 brooch of shielding
acrobat boots
+2 dwarven chain mail
dwarven greaves

who powers used surges used
Dave sleep 1
Chris C paladin’s judgement, frost axe 3
Chris G form of mountain’s thunder 3
Steve resounding hammer 6



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