Monsters Rule!

Session 10

Duergar Fortress

Surina comes looking for you with a message. Guards are watching the temple, so she took the rescued prisoners to the inn (through the back door). Rennik is with them.

Pushing on into the fortress of the dark dwarves you encountered an ogre, wolf and gnoll archers guarding the bridges connecting the towers. Two of the guards met their doom by being shoved off the bridge into the chasm below

Finally out heroes won an fierce battle with the duergar leader, his guards and their pet hell hounds. The leader kept assaulting you with clouds of poisonous fumes and hailing brimstone, but (Steve) answered back by repeatedly using thundering blasts to push the hounds into the pits.

After the fight, while searching the fort, you found a map leading to the site where the dwarves were excavating. Under interrogation the leader confirmed that the dwarves were hired to mine out a passageway that ended in a sealed door of solid bronze – no handle, lock or even a seam.

Leaving the fortess they took rest in a secluded side passage. (Fully rested)

Level up to 5!!!

600 gold
2 gem studded collars worth 50 gp ea.
+2 cloak of elemental warding



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