Monsters Rule!

Session 13

Lower Caverns

The ghost of the Minotaur high priest tells them the secret to opening the sealed door: speak the name of the Minotaur god, baphomet. He also reveals that the minotaurs once possessed a weapon forged of pure sunlight but renegade minotaurs stole it and fled into the wastelands centuries ago.

One beyond the door they find a chamber filled with explosive steam vents (ouch) and a pair of iron cobras.

After that they come to the chamber where kurzag keeps his slaves. A pair of magiical beasts called cloakers keep the prisoners docile. Seeing them triggers a repressed memory in lusherina. This creatures were used by her captors!

Finally. they reached the ritual chamber where kurzag is getting ready to animate the bronze golem with the souls of the prisoners. He is conversing with a projected image of the queen. They make plans to use the warders to crush some rebellious villagers outside tarrelton.

Kurzag nearly kills the entire party, but somehow they emerge victorious. They burn the only copy of the ritual to animate the golems

Now they have a choice to make:

  • search the wastelands for lost Minotaurs in hopes of recovering their weapon
  • go to the aid of the rebels outside tarrelton
  • delve further into the underdark and find the duergar who are breeding cloakers and selling them to the queens forces

level up to 6!

500 gold
18 topaz (50 gold)
2 rubies (100 gold)
+2 staff of withering
+2 amulet of false life
(Free enchant item: +1 to +2)
wrathful spirit (blessing from Minotaur ghost)



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