Welcome to the Elsir Vale Gorisbad!

The Goblin kingdom of Gorisbad was founded when a powerful witch organized the humanoid tribes under the banner of her evil god. She marched on the settlements of man, dwarf and elf, conquering them one by one, and now rules the land with an iron fist. Her soldiers burn, pillage, and kidnap at will. The queen’s magic prowess is unsurpassed. If the tales are true, her sorcery has made her immortal. In the face of that power, no one dare resist her will.

Until now.

Map of the Kingdom


  • Kidnapped villagers are being taken to the swamp (for an unknown purpose).
  • The evil queen is not content with ruling the valley. She wants to build an army that can conquer the world.
    • Her servant Kalarel uncovered a portal to the nine hells beneath some ruins in the Blackfens He was attempting to summon an army of undead and demons.
    • She sent Kurzag the Vile to a mining colony to reanimate a force of bronze golems.
  • the source of the queen’s power and unnaturally long life is an item of dark necromancy. It must be destroyed before she can be defeated.

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Character goals

  • Steve – find your father (a storm giant)
  • Dave – recover your memories (from before your were kidnapped and experimented on)


House rules

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